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“I could make many friends. So I enjoyed my class very much! I studyed a lot of new things. So it was very good for me. I love ICS!”

Justo García

“We value our children being able to motivate themselves to learn, that a great interest in knowledge and in work and personal effort awakens in them.”

Mother of pupil

“What I like most about Areteia is the support and confidence given to the children. The self-esteem, which is worked on a lot. I have really seen the change in my son, and I’m very happy.”

Luis García

“For more than 20 years we’ve been holding events and organising one-time activities to motivate the students to show the best of themselves, and after the successes achieved, we believed it necessary to go one step further and organise these activities within the curriculum and the school day, with the objective of going further in […]

Mother of pupil in Primary

«Es nuestro primer año y nos parece una institución muy entregada, dedicada, estamos muy felices con el progreso de nuestro hijo y la integración a esté nuevo país ha sido más fácil ya que ustedes le han brindado a nuestro hijo un ambiente de seguridad y respaldo a sus capacidades. Muchas gracias por la colaboración.»

Mother of pupils in Primary and Baccalaureate

«Queremos agradecer la atención personalizada y el cariño con el que nuestro hijo de ocho años vive su día a día en el cole. Creemos en un colegio que le hace crecer como persona, sin miedo, no sabemos donde llegará pero confiamos en vosotros y en vuestro tesón. Con vosotros sabemos que conseguirá sacar lo […]

Cecilia de Juana

“We are certain that personalised education should start with a real and profound knowledge of each pupil. Our objective is to understand the pupil, understand their learning style, so that we can look for the help they might need.”

Luis García Carretero.

“We believe in personalised education because we think that all pupils can learn, though not all in the same way and at the same rate. Discovering the talents and strengths of each pupil is fundamental so that they learn with enthusiasm, motivation and autonomy.”

Mariam Fernández

“Every student has the right to choose the educational path which best fits their needs. At Areteia, we offer each student the best route based on their interests, characteristics and motivations.”


“Areteia has given me the chance to dream, to be able to continue with a future which once seemed unclear. What Areteia does is provide pupils with opportunities. They enable you to dream and aspire to be more.”

Maria Jesús Gonzalez

“My daughter is happy at Areteia. She is happy most of all because they have instilled in her the spirit of sacrifice, the desire for self-improvement, responsibility, order, creativity…”

Miguel Ángel Hernández y Mª Ángeles García

“Areteia reaches out to us at all times. They help us, they support us and they accompany us in what our son does, in educating him and in making him a happy person.”

José Mª López

“The teachers at Areteia are a great, united team with the same way of understanding education, but always taking into account the individual differences of each student.” 

Manuel Narváez

“Areteia changed my life. It enabled me to understand myself, to know where my limitations were and to focus all my potential on my virtues. It helped me to orientate myself and helped to build me personally and what I am doing little by little.”

Luis García Carretero

“Attention to diversity is the challenge of our Educational Project: generating a context of success for each person, accepting and working on weaknesses, but above all, improving the strengths and talents of each pupil, helping them reach their maximum potential.”

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