International Events

International events are an important part of both the Areteia School and the Globeducate educational projects, since they contribute to our pupils’ global readiness. Thanks to these international events, we encourage interaction with students from other countries and the improvement of linguistic skills. They are events which promote values such as respect and tolerance, taking place over the course of the academic year and bringing together students of 50 nationalities from the different schools in the group.

Globeducate International Events

Globeducate Olympic Games

This is a multidisciplinary sporting competition which brings together the students from the different Globeducate. The event makes true multicultural integration, promoting sportsmanship and teamwork, a reality.

International Music Week

Each year, one of the schools hosts a musical meeting which lasts one week and involves recitals, performances and a big final concert which all the schools participate in. The experience extends to include the teachers and the families who host the pupils who are visiting from other countries.

Globeducate Arts Competition

Creativity takes centre stage at this event, in which the schools present works of art created by pupils of all ages, in different categories. The best pieces compete for the Globeducate global prizes.

Academic Olympics

The schools participate in this academic event in which knowledge and application of maths, physics, chemistry and biology are put to the test on an international stage.

Globeducate Model United Nations

A United Nations Assembly in which 180 pupils, each one representing a country, defend their point of view about relevant issues affecting today’s world. Topics as important as human rights, education and the right to privacy in a digital world are among those discussed.

Head Pupil Leadership Event

An event designed to develop leadership skills and confidence in public speaking with external speakers, workshops and team building activities.

Globeducate CUP

A football tournament for teams from schools belonging to the group.

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