Other activities

Areteia students are offered many different opportunities which are geared towards complementing their academic work and helping them to mature personally and academically; national and international trips and excursions, overseas language programmes, summer camps, extracurricular activities, conferences and meetings all help to open their hearts and minds to the wider community and give them the confidence and skills to find their place in the world.

Extracurricular activities

Areteia School offers a wide variety of activities which complement the pupils’ daily programme so that they can develop in different fields and ways.

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School trips

On school trips we foster values of coexistence, we help them to gain personal autonomy and we open the doors of the classroom to new realities.

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Summer Courses

The school organises various activities during the summer months, with programmes which are adjusted according to age and topic of interest.

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International events

A range of exciting international events that enable students from more than 50 countries to meet together in a spirit of friendship, cooperation and competition. Events are held in a number of different sporting, artistic, musical or academic activities and help to foster values such as respect, tolerance and a spirit of curiosity and acceptance of other cultures and traditions.

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Summer abroad and boarding overseas

The opportunity to stay or study in another country provides an invaluable tool to enable students to use their foreign language skills in context, to become more independent and to develop social confidence.

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Educational Innovation Day

The school organises an annual day to deal with and debate the topics which are at the heart of the school with professionals from the sector.

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Meetups for former pupils

At Areteia School we organise meetups for former pupils so that together we can relive moments gone by which will be forever in our memories.

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