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Areteia School is a standardised education school, specialising in attention to diversity. The pupils are the school’s raison d’être, and we are fully involved in their intellectual and personal development via inclusion methods.

Our work is our daily motivation. We are proud to contribute to pupils’ comprehensive learning, from Infant Education to Baccalaureate and Vocational Training, accompanying them on a long and important journey in their lives.

The objective of Areteia School is to strengthen our pupils’ abilities to the very highest degree. Every pupil is different, we take the time to get to know them and their needs perfectly in order to offer them personalised attention.

Factors we take into account at Areteia School:

  • The school provides activities which complement our pupils’ education. These provide them with new experiences and new knowledge, and help them to build relationships with other pupils. At the same time, it helps them to understand themselves and consider what motivates and stimulates them.
  • Through educational innovation, we understand the needs of each pupil, adapting the educational methodology to their rhythms, their level and their interests. Inclusive education helps them to easily advance in a positive and enriching way, encouraging participation and equitable learning, taking into account the individual abilities and rhythms of each pupil, and therefore offering them a high quality education.
  • We want our pupils to grow, to acquire behavioural habits which guide them towards autonomy, to fully develop all their abilities (cognitive, socio-affective, etc.) and to build up a positive image of themselves.
  • We teach a standardised education, which specialises in attention to diversity, through integration of pupils who show learning difficulties such as the learning gaps identified in the initial education.
  • Support for the students is essential. That’s why we have a great pyscho-pedagogical team made up of psychologists, pedagogists and speech therapists.

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