Former pupils

Areteia School goes beyond traditional teaching, strengthening attention to diversity and the comprehensive global readiness of our pupils. That’s why coming to the end of one stage does not mean that it is forgotten.

Being part of Areteia School means being part of the school’s history and establishing a relationship which lasts forever, something which is an asset to the school for future generations and for these pupils themselves.

We want to be part of the journey of our students who, on their path, will undoubtedly reach their goals, achieving benefits which will help them integrate into the working world and the success of having grown as people from the values, such as respect, effort and companionship, which Areteia School provides them with.


“Areteia has given me the chance to dream, to be able to continue with a future which once seemed unclear. What Areteia does is provide pupils with opportunities. They enable you to dream and aspire to be more.”


Former pupil of Areteia. Journalism Student

“Areteia changed my life. It enabled me to understand myself, to know where my limitations were and to focus all my potential on my virtues. It helped me to orientate myself and helped to build me personally and what I am doing little by little.”

Manuel Narváez

Former pupil of Areteia. Businessman

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