At Areteia School we understand that effective communication between family and school is essential for the students’ development. Our school is in permanent contact with the families with fluid and individualised communication through personal visits, telephone calls and emails. Outside of school hours, our teachers meet with all the parents who request it, always taking into account the needs of the families.

To offer our pupils the very best, Areteia School monitors pupils through tutorials in order to communicate the difficulties identified and evaluate the situation. The objective is to develop joint actions between the teaching staff and the family, to favour our pupils’ success and academic education.

We understand the family as the child’s most important field of reference. For this reason, at Areteia we involve families in the pupil’s different educational stages from the very first day, and inform them in detail about the school’s learning and teaching methodology. Thanks to this continuous communication, we help the pupils to find a balance both at school and in their family life.

In addition, both the Psychopedagogy Department and the coordinators and intermediaries are always open to any question or suggestion from families, to also transmit family and school guidelines. This constructive communication with families, and family monitoring, are fundamental in the student’s development and guarantee the success of our methodology.


“Areteia reaches out to us at all times. They help us, they support us and they accompany us in what our son does, in educating him and in making him a happy person.”

Miguel Ángel Hernández y Mª Ángeles García

Parents of pupil in 4th ESO

“My daughter is happy at Areteia. She is happy most of all because they have instilled in her the spirit of sacrifice, the desire for self-improvement, responsibility, order, creativity…”

Maria Jesús Gonzalez

Mother of pupil

“What I like most about Areteia is the support and confidence given to the children. The self-esteem, which is worked on a lot. I have really seen the change in my son, and I’m very happy.”

Mother of pupil

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