Summer in Stonar

A true international experience:

· They will learn with classes in English

· They will have fun with activities and trips

· They will meet students from all over the world

· They will have a true language immersion experience

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120 years of experience

323.748 m² campus

14.400 m² buildings

Having an international experience is an opportunity which is very beneficial for the children. Seeing a language in context and using it to interact enables rapid progress in learning of the language. It is also an effective method for developing other abilities such as autonomy or socialisation.

The school facilities are located in natural landscapes close to the cities of Bath and London. The pupils will stay in houses, all within easy distance of the campus and with common areas where they can feel at home. In addition, the campus has a pool, sports and technology facilities, a music studio, etc.

During their stay pupils will attend 15 hours of English a week, participating in activities such as debates and presentations so that they get used to English and, in particular, learn to cope with communicating in the language and improve their conversational skills. At the end of the course, the pupils will receive a certificate.

In the afternoons, the pupils will take part in activities according to their interests, such as tennis, football, swimming and arts activities. In the evenings there are activities such as team competitions and karaoke, so that the pupils can socialise.

The aim of the camp at Stonar is for the children to have fun in a special environment, and experience a language immersion process which they’ll never forget.

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