Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities allow pupils to develop to their full potential while they learn to manage their own free time, interact socially with more children through teamwork, and educate themselves. A well-rounded education is encouraged at all times. At Areteia School we fully believe in the positive benefits connected with extracurricular activities, that’s why we offer a great variety of activities of all types, adapted to the needs and interests of our pupils.

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Study suppport

Areteia School offers various methods to support the pupils’ studies through mornings and evenings at school: space to complete homework with the help of a teacher; the Smartick programme: an online mathematics learning method which strengthens concentration, getting the best out of the pupil; and languages: increasing English or French language ability.


Psycho-pedagogical support

Areteia School offers pupils complementary individual sessions. In this way, we increase the efficacy of the psychological and educational treatment carried out at the school. We offer support in speech therapy, literacy and graphomotricity.


Think, think

An extracurricular activity whose objective is to favour the child’s holistic development, providing them with benefits such as learning to think, reason, build relationships, achieve self-confidence, etc. It is taught in small groups and with psychologists and/or psychopedagogists who keep families informed about the pupil’s progress.


Social skills and free time

Through fun and stimulating activities, we help the pupils to develop their communicative skills, personal autonomy, assertiveness and decision making. This is a meetup for children, an opportunity for them to share activities such as visiting Madrid, museums and theatres, and to have many useful experiences for their daily lives.


Digital music and videogames

Music is an element which enables pupils to develop their intellectual, social and personal abilities in a fun and beneficial way. That’s why we offer a digital music activity in which they work on composition, production, DJ studio, controller keyboards, etc.; and videogame, web and app programming, in which they train their abilities and logical mind from a young age.


Arts activities

We offer classes in Spanish and modern dance, drama and singing, and musical instruments. Spanish and modern dance enables pupils to develop their personality through the externalisation of feelings and emotions. Drama helps to improve oral expression, communicative skills, self-esteem and control of emotions. Singing and musical instruments favour the development of people and perfecting talents.


Sports School

Sport is necessary for all people, and it is essential to begin from a young age. That’s why we offer a variety of options: sports schools, to foster sporting spirit; swimming, pupils are taught to feel confident in the aquatic environment and improve psychomotor development; and judo, which helps pupils develop confidence in themselves through self-control and self-defence.


External psychology service

In collaboration with the García Moreno Psychology Centre, we offer an external clinical psychology service which is supported by the advances of the most recent research. In coordination with the school Psychopedagogy department, their work is focused on treating the symptomatic manifestations of different pathologies, or collateral problems of these, or simply on learning, and management of behaviours, thoughts and emotions which affect both the pupil and their family. Through a cognitive-behavioural approach, different intervention, treatment and monitoring strategies are developed in order to achieve the emotional wellbeing and health of the children. This service is also offered to families outside the school.


Programming and robotics

In this fun activity aimed at pupils in 5th and 6th Primary, ESO and Basic Vocational Training, pupils will immerse themselves in the interesting world of robotics 2.0, and videogame and app programming.


Road safety education

In collaboration with the prestigious Merinero Driving School, Areteia contributes the pupils’ road safety education, making it compatible with their academic obligations. That’s why there are driving classes taught at the school.


Free time and lifeguard courses

Throughout the second and third terms we offer different activities which lead to official qualifications, aimed particularly at pupils in the second year of the cycle of Managing Outdoor Sports and Physical Activities, but also open to other pupils in the school and from other schools: Free Time Monitor, Free Time Coordinator and Lifeguard.


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