Educational and Key Stages

At Areteia School we offer standardised education specialised in attention to diversity, at the following educational stages: Infant Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Basic Vocational Training, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training. At each one of the different educational stages, pupils at Areteia School develop personally and academically in a warm and friendly environment in which they grow up happy, boost their strengths and prepare to live and feel good about themselves.

Infant Education

A fundamental educational stage in the child’s development, as this is when the foundations favouring the development of skills and abilities for learning are established.

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Primary Education

A stage in which pupils develop curiosity and motivation for leaning, receiving personalised attention which matches their learning profile and establishing individual objectives.

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Secondary Education

A stage in which the challenge is to be oneself and to learn to coexist with others, a development which enables pupils to make balanced progress and integrate into society with autonomy.

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Basic Vocational Training

This is an alternative to the last two years of Secondary Education, for those pupils who have difficulty in completing the last two years of ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education), which contributes to the pupils’ personal future.

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A solid cultural and human education combining the necessary academic knowledge with a work methodology which helps the pupils to successfully face further studies.

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Vocational Training

An excellent professional qualification for pupils’ future integration into the working world or further advanced studies, through a methodology of individualised attention.

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