School Services

Areteia School provides a wide variety of high quality school services so that all the pupils can make full use of the facilities and feel comfortable at the school.


To enable school pupils to access the school from different areas in the Madrid Metropolitan Area, Areteia School provides a school transport service. The vehicles are modern, perfectly set up for school travel and fitted with the established security measures. The pupils are accompanied on the bus by an attendant who attends to their needs and ensures the proper functioning of the service on the transport route.


Dining room

Areteia School, aiming to satisfy the needs of our families, provides pupils with the option of the school dining room. In this space, we educate the children to eat from varied and balanced menus, created by experts in children’s and young people’s dietetics. The food is cooked in our own facilities, which enables us to serves high quality food.


Extended school hours

We are sensitive to the needs of the current family, since it is very common for both parents to work, and we believe that coordinating the children’s schedules with those of their parents is essential. In order to meet these needs, Areteia School provides an extended school hours service: 7:45-9:30 am and 4:45-6:00 pm.


External psychology service

In collaboration with the García Moreno Psychology Centre, we offer an external clinical psychology service which is supported by the advances of the most recent research. In coordination with the school Psycho-pedagogy department, their work is focused on treating the symptomatic manifestations of different pathologies, or collateral problems of these, or simply on learning and on management of behaviours, thoughts and emotions which affect both the pupil and their family. Through a cognitive-behavioural approach, different intervention, treatment and monitoring strategies are developed in order to achieve the emotional wellbeing and health of the children. This service is also offered to families outside the school.



From 4:00pm the school dining room functions as a cafeteria, with vending machines. Parents can relax while they wait for their children and the evening shift Vocational Training pupils can rest.



The school provides a service through which it is purchase uniforms and school materials.


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