Classrooms and laboratories

Areteia School provides high quality, optimal spaces for the pupils, equipped with the necessary material for their learning and their wellbeing in the classrooms. The areas are bright, guaranteeing concentration and making their studies easier. The school offers all types of spaces:

  • Secretary’s Office, which deals with all the administrative aspects of the school.
  • Infant Education classrooms made up of large spaces and equipped with material adapted to the children’s age group.
  • Infant Education areas where the children can enjoy, play and have fun securely and safely.
  • Primary and Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training classrooms which are spacious and encourage learning.
  • Speech therapy classrooms.
  • Specialist subject classrooms: music, art, technology, projects and IT.
  • Conference room where different school events are held.
  • Laboratories: spaces in which pupils see the fusion of theory and practice, so that they can understand the reality of the world and experience the knowledge acquired through theory with their own eyes.
  • School dining room.
  • Sports courts and pitches and sports hall for participation in different activities.
  • Judo and psychomotricity classroom.
  • Gym.
  • Parking.

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