Growing up with the sport

  • It encourages values such as companionship
  • It favours physical and motor development
  • It strengthens healthy habits
  • It improves their self-esteem

Sport is essential for a person’s health. At Areteia, we understand Physical Education to be a means through which to achieve those values which make our pupils into well-rounded people: self-improvement, determination, effort, cooperation and teamwork, friendship

At our school, we place particular importance on physical education in the first few years of schooling in order to fine-tune pupils’ motor, cognitive, social and affective skills. We achieve these objectives through work on psychomotor skills, paying particular attention to possible imbalances which could be seen in these skills.

Activities and events:

Throughout all academic years, physical education at our school is completed by games and sports such as football, basketball, kickball, hockey, badminton, volleyball, handball, and many others. In parallel, we also participate in various sporting events such as “hiking”, “Aldovea cross country”, “Sports Day” or the “Globeducate Olympic Games”, which complement the physical education programme and offer pupils the chance to compete, to build relationships, to discover other realities, to be in contact with nature… all of this through sport.

Schools and Championships:

The school makes various sports schools available to pupils which, within the school timetable, enable pupils to learn and/or improve their favourite activities: swimming, presports, indoor football, basketball, judo, ping pong, dance and chess.

Through the academic year, and coinciding with different celebrations, we hold sporting championships and sports activity days. At break times, pupils are also offered the chance to participate in internal championships.

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