Music as a route to refining our minds

  • It is a method of self-expression and creativity
  • It improves reasoning and communication skills
  • It can improve IQ
  • It fosters teamwork and discipline

At Areteia School, we understand the importance and the benefits of music, and how they have a positive effect on children personally, academically, culturally and socially. For this reason, we strengthen the pupils’ artistic abilities. As part of their learning they are given the chance to learn to play at least one instrument. At the same time, they develop their vocal capacity through singing, which allows them to gain confidence in themselves.

At Areteia School, the pupils have direct experience with music. In this way, music contributes to the pupils’ comprehensive education, developing their intellectual capacities and artistic and creative sensitivity while they are taught to strengthen self-discipline, effort, sensitivity and teamwork, among other abilities, which will all help them throughout both their personal and academic life.

The musical education introduced from Infant Education makes a critical contribution to our pupils’ comprehensive development. That’s why we place emphasis on a greater musical education through knowledge of music language and playing a string instrument such as the violin, an instrument which can be played in a group and which is suited, given its different dimensions, to a child’s development. The violin contributes to an increased capacity for visualisation of time and space; to developing mental flexibility; to learning to think in tones, timbre and times with no help from words or phrases; and to bringing children’s intellect closer to the notion of thinking abstractly.

In addition, thanks to the help and knowledge of the great professionals here at our school, the children are motivated to learn musical feeling and improve their knowledge. We seek academic excellence, for which we understand the importance of subjects related to artistic skills.

We offer a musical education which activates the processes which affect the nervous system and stimulate the two cerebral hemispheres; favours creativity and strengthens emotional and affective links; promotes the growth of neurological connections; and directly increases IQ.

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