Our teachers

35 years of experience

44 specialist teachers

10-18 pupils per classroom

7 professionals in the Psychopedagogy Department

The specialist teachers at Areteia School have a fundamental role within the school community, since the didactic methodologies applied, together with the resources, the attention to diversity, familiar relationship and their unconditional love for education mean, among other things, that our pupils can grow up and learn happy in a warm and optimal environment to reach their dreams.

Day after day, our highly qualified teaching staff dedicate themselves to each of the different educational stages, not only transmitting knowledge, but also encouraging and motivating pupils through close and personalised attention which contributes positively to their personal and academic growth. This relationship between teacher and pupil is an inspiring and motivating link in learning, since it reinforces the best in every child.

Similarly, to make the objectives of our educational project possible, the relationship between teacher and family must be fluid. Harmony contributes positively to the pupils’ happy growth, and this is the most important goal to achieve. This close collaboration with families, key in the process, together with the team of professionals, makes the teaching and learning process, and also human education, possible.

Globeducate Platinum Standard – a process for improvement

Globeducate Platinum Standard is a quality standards programme implemented throughout all Globeducate group, designed as a tool to improve the overall performance of each of our schools and ensure there is educational excellence. Its objective is to help the schools to assess the quality of the education they are giving and its principles are backed up by best practices from education systems around the world. It is a comprehensive programme that uses a variety of quality indicators and help to establish improvement plans in areas such as effective leadership, quality of teaching / learning and the progress and well-being of the students.

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“The teachers at Areteia are a great, united team with the same way of understanding education, but always taking into account the individual differences of each student.” 

José Mª López

Technology teacher at Areteia School

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