What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, of neurological origin, which has a hereditary component. It manifests itself initially when the child begins to learn literacy and writing, as a consequence of their difficulty in achieving correct processing in phonological coding.

A child with Dyslexia shows specific problems with literacy, difficulty with short-term attention and memory, difficulty with organization and order as well as time management. He or she is also emotionally vulnerable and slow at processing and written activities. On the other hand, children with Dyslexia have lots of imagination, a great curiosity, a special sensitivity and awareness of their environment, as well as a great capacity for spatial and temporal orientation, quick thinking and intuition.

For an optimal evaluation, it is fundamental to identify Dyslexia early and after a diagnosis, provide a suitable intervention programme which helps them to acquire strategies to progress with their learning and in improving their self-esteem. It is important that the school understands their difficulties but also values their strengths and helps them to learn.

How Areteia helps your child

  • A plan based on personalised education

We know that not all people learn in the same way, nor at the same rate or in the same way. For this reason, our objective is for all pupils to learn and progress to become people with the ability to achieve the best progress for their learning potential.

  • A specialist team

Teachers, tutors, psychologists and psycho-pedagogists who have the right training and sensitivity to understand individual differences and to understand and attend to the characteristics and needs which children with Dyslexia may have.

  • A plan for attention to diversity

For pupils with Dyslexia to progress with their learning, we offer an educational methodology based on active interaction, flexible groups and evaluation systems, together with a support programme from the Psychopedagogy Department which attends to individual needs.

  • Specialist help from teachers

The specialist teachers at Areteia know how to be patient and are aware that the pupil has some difficulties, but they are no less demanding, helping the pupil to learn strategies which enable them to progress. They also know that the pupil has many strengths which can be used to learn.

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