Inclusive School

Areteia School promotes the inclusive school, understood as one which offers the right to an education according to the student’s individual learning needs. We believe in a quality education for all pupils, “a school for all” which successfully educates all pupils equally.

The inclusive school achieves a balance between learning and diversity. In other words, between what should be common for all children and the educational needs deriving from the individuality of each pupil, without generating inequality or exclusion. A model which goes far beyond a school and believes in the involvement of the entire community to achieve pupils’ development, taking into account their abilities and their rate of learning.

Areteia School is an inclusive school which offers a standardised education specialised in attention to diversity of pupils, with or without special needs, so that they will grow up happy in an environment of inclusion which offers benefits such as: cooperation, solidarity, respect towards differences, the value of community, reduction of conflict, etc. To do this, we offer a methodology based on personalised education, a specialist team, and a plan for attention to diversity.

Poor school performance

Areteia attends to the specific needs of each pupil in small groups with a methodology which enables them to achieve the best results.

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Our objective is for all pupils to learn and progress to become people capable of developing the best progress for their learning potential.

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Early identification and intervention in ADHD is important, to offer a psycho-pedagogical programme which helps the pupils to learn.

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Language and Communication

Our experience in specialist attention for these difficulties makes full inclusion and success in the school environment possible.

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We offer an individualised approach to the educational needs of adopted children, with all the tools and resources necessary.

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