Educational Innovation

The methodology of Areteia School is characterised by educational innovation, guaranteeing the students’ broad academic and personal learning, with the support and experience of highly qualified professionals. Through personalised attention, the teaching staff help each pupil at each different educational stage to achieve their dreams. This educational innovation is sustained thanks to a model of personalised education, which attends to the pupils’ every need, contributing to their development in the four fundamental pillars: learning to be, learning to do, learning to learn, and learning to live together. Educational innovation which is sustained by an integrative model of personalised education, cooperative learning and technological media which trains pupils in learning skills and introduces the violin as a curricular instrument.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills

To favour personal development, at Areteia School we complement the official curriculum with the “Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills” programme, aimed at pupils from 3rd Primary to Baccalaureate and Vocational Training, with a weekly session throughout the entire year. Through this active and innovative methodology, the pupils acquire strategies and skills which enable them to be enterprising, both personally and professionally. It is a project which favours the pupils’ personal growth, taking into account individual and group values. Thanks to this programme, the pupils grow up motivated, they develop communication strategies, they acquire entrepreneurial skills and they learn to interact with companies.

Excellent Programmes

Respecting Gardiner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and the idea that there is no one type of intelligence, but that it manifests as a group of intelligences which not all people develop equally, at Areteia School we have created Excellent Programmes, which are workshops according to skills, interests and motivations which enable the pupils to learn and develop that potential which makes them excellent. Excellent Programmes allow the pupils to identify their abilities based on the knowledge of Multiple Intelligences, and discover the strengths which make them excellent, interiorising the values of differences. The objective is to select the workshop which best fits their abilities, interests and motivations in order to enjoy learning and develop their skills to the maximum.

More information about the Excellent Workshops

Cooperative learning

At Areteia School, we offer an education which prepares our pupils for their future, a development of each person as a unique individual, who should evolve, taking into account values such as coexisting in harmony and working in a team. Through our cooperative learning methodology, we teach our pupils to work in a team, in a positive work environment in the classroom, generating a sense of commitment in each pupil to reach team success. Work which offers the same opportunities to each team member, so that they therefore feel valued by the team. The pupils learn that the success of each member of the team is not possible without the contribution of the rest, nor without each student taking responsibility for their part of the project within the group.

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