At Areteia School, in accordance with the approach to attention to diversity, we work on English language with pupils at different levels from the age of 6. In addition, at our school we have the support of native English speaking assistants who help our pupils to perfect their skills and implement the use of spoken English.

Innovative material

To optimize learning, we use digital books which are introduced at 1st ESO, together with traditional text books, as well as the use we already make of new technologies (tablets, videos, listening activities, etc.).

Official qualifications

Pupils who show a certain ease with English, showing interest and improvement in the final academic years of Primary Education and throughout Secondary Education, have the option to prepare to take the different levels of Trinity College London oral test.

Stays abroad

Our ESO pupils have the opportunity to have an incredible experience on English language immersion trips, such as the one we organised to Wales. This activity is aimed at pupils who can hold their own in spoken English, but would like to gain the confidence to express themselves in English in everyday situations and who, on a social level, know how to connect with others and share experiences in different contexts.


Pupils from 4th ESO and Baccalaureate can participate in the Globeducate Model United Nations Congress, organised by the Globeducate Group in which pupils from all the Globeducate debate, following the exact format used in a United Nations congress. The entire event takes place in English. This is aimed at pupils who have a high level of English as well as all the necessary social skills in order to share and debate with children of their own age but from other schools and other countries. It is, without doubt, an unforgettable experience for both delegates and teachers.

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