Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills

At Areteia School we complement the official curriculum with the “Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills” programme, so that the pupils acquire strategies and skills which enable them to be enterprising in their personal and professional lives.

This is a programme which favours the pupils’ personal growth, based on the value of a person: self-knowledge and self-esteem, self-control and assertiveness, social skills, progress and self-motivation; and the value of the group: cooperation and diversity, rules as key for efficient group work, positive interdependence, cohesion and organisation in order to reach confidence, commitment, coherence and credibility, as qualities to be developed in a good leader.

The project aims to stimulate pupils’ personal growth, and teach them to: identify entrepreneurial skills and strengthen values, attitudes and skills belonging to entrepreneurial culture and leadership; know how to develop a project; to develop communication strategies; to design procedures for communication; to interact with companies and professionals as a model of experiences, and to form a company.

Aimed at pupils from 3rd Primary to Baccalaureate and Vocational Training, the “Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills” project is developed through an active methodology, carrying out work through projects, and with cooperative learning strategies. It is carried out throughout the entire academic year, with three sessions a week.

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