Areteia Entrepreneurial Skills

Within our educational programme, and as part of the global readiness we provide at Areteia School, entrepreneurial skills are one of the aspects that we boost and develop through a programme of talks and conferences for the pupils, which for a few years we have called “Areteia Emprende”. This initiative enables us to transmit a message to our pupils in a more accessible way, making the most of the interest in the guests, who in many cases will be known among our pupils.

Our guests are varied: personalities from the worlds of sport, culture, business, music and journalism, among others. Some guests we have welcomed at school in the past are Amuda Goueli, Alberto Anaut, Ángel Sanz, José Antonio Orenga, Chema Buceta, Vicente del Bosque, Eric Frattini, Ismael Santos, Juan Zelada, Carmen Fabre, Pepe Laso, Luz Rello, José Luis Llorente, Richi Esquilas, Nacho Lewin and Diego Fructuoso.

It all began in March of 2012 with the attendance of Pablo Martínez-Arroyo, who related the world of sport to that of business, using his experiences in this area as a guide for the talk. A month later we were visited by Jota Cuspinera, who gave a talk about coaching. Over the last few years we have had a great many guests, sharing many experiences which have served as a guide and as inspiration for our pupils.

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