Experts in diversity

35 years of experience

44 specialist teachers

10 to 18 pupils per classroom

7 professionals in the psychopedagogy department

Wanting to grow...

  • We trust in multiple intelligences, we shape their talents.
  • We educate so that pupils learn, not just pass.
  • We prepare them to live in an ever-changing, global society.

The educational project of Areteia School is based on offering a comprehensive education for pupils aged 3 to 20, in Infant, Primary and Secondary Education, Basic Vocational Training, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training. A standardised education specialising in attention to diversity, which seeks, in the school curriculum design, the successful school integration of those pupils who show learning difficulties.

We guarantee the appropriate attention for profiles such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and ASD, as well as any other pupils who need monitoring, support and motivation to achieve school objectives. This is thanks to the work of a specialist team sensitive to individual differences, which involves an individual methodology and a psycho-pedagogical intervention programme.

The individual methodology developed at Areteia enables us to adapt the programmes to each pupil’s rate and level of learning. Furthermore, the psycho-pedagogical intervention programmes, which attend to the specific problems which some pupils may have, support curricular learning. The educational methods we provide respond to the reality of each pupil at each moment in their personal growth: Secondary Education, Basic Vocational Training, Baccalaureate and Middle Level Training Cycles are the answers we offer our pupils to open the doors to their future.

The fundamental objective of our project is the education and training of people. We believe in people as individuals, and we support their personal growth and development. Our work is in the growth and progress of pupils in all human dimensions, motivating them towards harmonious development and global preparation, to live and feel good about themselves. We educate our pupils to live together in a plural society, in which they participate with their own vital project and develop a critical and constructive contribution, respecting ethical rules, through a methodology based on interaction, attitudes and values.

All people can progress in their learning capacity, but they can’t all learn the same and in the same way. For this reason, the Areteia School educational project takes into account different styles, rates and levels of learning, since personalised treatment in teaching favours all pupils’ learning and progress. It is important to understand the personal characteristics of each pupil and the level which they are at, in this way developing learning based on their abilities, their psychomotor development, their language level, their personal qualities, their acquired behaviours and habits, etc. To achieve this, we fit content to the process of acquiring knowledge, helping the pupil to progress and boost their self-esteem from the pattern of growth and success.

Psycho-pedagogical evaluation forms the basis of the methodology at Areteia. Pupils are evaluated at the beginning of the academic year, and every year, since it is essential to know the personal and evolutionary characteristics of their learning style in order to attend to them in an individualised way. After this initial evaluation, we group the pupils taking into account levels and rates of learning, fitting academic demands to the maximum level that each pupil can reach at that time. After overcoming one level, pupils can move from one level to another, with the aim of progressing in their abilities until they reach the ideal level according to their potential. By adapting requirements to the current learning possibilities of the pupil, we favour positive attitudes towards study.

Individual focus

We provide an educational programme that is sensitive to the individual needs, abilities and pace of learning of each of our students. We believe that each child is unique and we work towards bringing out the best in each of the students under our care.

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Global Readiness

We focus on immersion in English, achieving qualifications that are recognised world-wide and, thanks to our membership of the global Globeducate’s community, providing our pupils with a range of international experiences and opportunities.

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More than a School

Education at Areteia goes beyond the standard curriculum; we offer complete programmes in music, sports and the arts, which we believe form an integral part of our students’ personal and academic development.

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Education in values

We guide the process of learning the values, attitudes and rules which will influence their behaviour and personality.

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“Attention to diversity is the challenge of our Educational Project: generating a context of success for each person, accepting and working on weaknesses, but above all, improving the strengths and talents of each pupil, helping them reach their maximum potential.”

Luis García Carretero

Headmaster of Areteia

“Areteia changed my life. It enabled me to understand myself, to know where my limitations were and to focus all my potential on my virtues. It helped me to orientate myself and helped to build me personally and what I am doing little by little.”

Manuel Narváez

Former pupil of Areteia. Businessman

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