Our students keep learning

Our students are learning from home through the Online Learning Service that we have put at the service of our community to continue providing quality education.

Extracurricular Activities

Areteia School offers a complete programme of Extracurricular Activities running courses at lunchtimes and after school in sports, languages, music, performing arts, road safety, technology or academic support. The extracurricular programme gives our students the chance to try new activities or improve in ones that they’ve already started, understand how to manage their free time and continue learning whilst having fun with their friends.

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Quality Certidficate S+

The National Child Safety Association has granted the prestigious Quality Certificate S+ to Areteia School. The Certificate S+ for Child Safety is the maximum international distinction for infant schools, schools and all facilities and services looking after children. It is a great honour for us to receive recognition for our commitment to the safety of our students.

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Vocational Training

We offer a broad spectrum of Vocational Training options at both intermediate and higher levels to help our students successfully integrate into the world of work. Courses in Sport and Leisure, Early Years Education, IT systems and networks and Administrative Management all offer opportunities for our pupils to prepare themselves for a promising future.

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Educational Psychology Department

Areteia’s Educational Psychology Department is formed by a group of highly experienced and dedicated professionals including psychologists, experts in teaching and learning and speech therapists. Dependent upon the needs of each student, they are assessed by means of an initial psycho-pedagogical evaluation and helped to move forward using individual reinforcement or intervention programmes.

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Excellent Workshops

Our “Excellent Workshops” programme looks to tap in to the talents, interests and ambitions of each student in order to develop their maximum potential. We run a series of workshops on topics such as radio, theatre, scientific experiments, the arts, comedy, photography, video, music, sports and healthy living, so that our students can begin to identify their own particular talents and work towards excellence.

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Areteia Entrepreneurs

As part of the all-round training offered at Areteia, we promote entrepreneurial skills and inspire our young entrepreneurs through a series of talks and conferences with personalities from the world of sports, culture, business, music or journalism. Since the programme started in 2012, Areteia Entrepreneurs have invited many guests to come to the school and share their experiences with us.

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Summer at Stonar

Children are also offered the opportunity to spend their summer in England at Stonar School, one of the schools forming part of the Globeducate group. Stonar has 120 years of experience in education and is set in more than 32 hectares of stunning parkland. Students from all over the world gather at Stonar, one of the most prestigious schools in the UK, to experience a summer of linguistic immersion and international friendship, making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Globeducate Events

International events form a vital part of preparing Areteia’s students to move on into the global community. Thanks to Globeducate group’s international network of great schools, students from over 50 countries regularly get together to meet up and participate in sporting, artistic, musical or academic events and competitions, promoting healthy competition as well as cooperation, teamwork, tolerance and respect.

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Areteia School

Areteia private School, Madrid

Areteia is a private school in Madrid with more than 35 years’ experience in working with diversity in education. The school is located on the prestigious La Moraleja estate and offers both a standard and specialist education that caters for the diverse needs of our students. Our aim is to help them to grow and develop in a happy, inclusive and values-based learning environment. We have an excellent educational psychology department and teaching methods are adapted to suit the pace and level of learning of each individual student. We work hard to develop positive attitudes towards learning and to cultivate each child’s natural strengths and abilities in order to help them to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

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Focus on diversity

Areteia was conceived with the intention of creating an integrated educational environment that would allow every student to progress by recognising and developing their best personal characteristics; a “School for Everyone”. We provide a clear and well-structured educational programme for children who are experiencing challenges such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Asperger Syndrome or giftedness, amongst others, in addition to children who are experiencing socioemotional difficulties . For these special individuals we are able to provide a tailor-made programme, focussing on each child’s particular needs and supporting them with a high-experienced, specialist teaching team. Our model reaches far beyond just the school environment; we believe that the whole community can work together to help each child achieve their goals.

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